New Work... Country Living and Jersey Ice Cream Co.

A few months back I styled Jersey Ice Cream Co.'s projects for Country Living magazine.
Spending time with Percy & Tara in one of their beautifully designed spaces is a treat in it self. 



Some years I do gift roundups, some years I don't - it's just that kind of blog folks. After visiting Farm and Flea in Hudson and designer Brad Ford's Field + Supply in Accord I got inspired this year.
So here some of the things that are on the top of my dream list both for giving and getting...
From the new British site Oates and Co. this suspended oak bookshelf would be great in the kitchen for those favorite cookbooks or a kids room. They have some recycled brass coasters that would be fab as well.


Renovation... exterior painting

There are so many steps that go into a renovation of this kind. Some large, some small. Some boring behind the scenes yet important things such as plumbing, electric, insulation, etc. Yet painting seems in many ways the most trans formative. In our last home we spent years working on the renovation, yet when we painted was when people noticed and said "finally you are getting somewhere". 


a visit with...Urban Electric

When I was in Charleston SC last spring  I stopped by the Urban Electric factory and showroom.
I have been a fan of their work for some time now and getting to see first hand how the lights are made was an great experience. I am always fascinated by the way things are made and Urban's factory was a special treat because everything from start to finish was made right there.
Yes, every piece from design sketch to finished and boxed all handcrafted in Charleston.


New Work... Handmade for the Garden

Once again Apologies are in order for the lack of updates here. There's been lot's going on but between being busy and being in a bit of a funk I have been extremely lacking in my post's. So hopefully this post will push me back into the keeping this a bit more current.  Fingers crossed there will be lot's of posts about new work I've done recently, house renovation updates, new books I'm loving and bits' of travel etc. 



Anyway I recently spent a day trolling Hudson and Catskill for something -anything new and exciting, both for the house and for a shoot I was working on.


Behind the scenes... Sunbrella

Recently I was styling a shoot for Sunbrella with photographer Stacey Van Berkel. We shot in a beautiful home in Rhode Island right on the water for 2 days. Shooting video around us was videographer Taylor Scott Mason.
While I can't yet share with you the images from the shoot I can share this ariel video of the crew that Taylor shot using a droan. 

video Taylor Scott Mason