new work... whites and browns

New work from a shoot I did with Monica Buck, playing with whites and browns.


New Work... Color!

New work for the new year & it's all about color!
images Monica Buck


Out & About... Museum of Arts & Design - Wendell Castle

Over the winter break I had the chance to go to the Museum of Arts & Design & see among other shows the Wendell Castle exhibit.  I knew a bit about his work but seeing so many pieces in person was incredible.  His massive bronze piece outside of the museum invites people to truly experience his work by sitting & touching it. 


Happy Holidays!

Wishing you a peaceful, happy and healthy holiday and new year.


renovation... kitchen cabinets

People keep asking us if the kitchen - and the house is finished yet, but when you are doing much of the work yourselves and around two busy work schedule and 2 kids things have a tendency to get drawn out.
We have been living with a temporary kitchen since moving in 2 years ago. It's been OK and in fact helped us to fine tune the layout. We had our old Wolfe stove and various shelving units for storage. We made plywood counter tops and I covered them with oilcloth which cheered things up and made the counters easier to clean. Actually many people thought it was the final look which always seemed a bit strange to me.


Books - Joshua Vogel's The Artful Wooden Spoon

Joshua Vogel of Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co. has long been one of my favorite artisans.  I have had the pleasure to watch him carve his perfectly thought out pieces of art and spent time in his beautifully crafted home he shares with his wife and business partner Kelly and their sweet daughter Violet. The first thing I do when seeing one of Josh's pieces is to touch it, as his work always feels exquisite to the touch, whether it's one of his bowls, sculptures, turnings or spoons.  They are smooth yet the hand of the artisan is there in each piece.  I often find myself absent mindlessly stroking them, not ready to let go.


New Work... Against the Grain cookbook

A few images from the recently published gluten free cookbook I styled, Against the Grain by Nancy Cain. Once again I worked with the amazingly talented photographer Jennifer May. Food Stylist Kendra McKnight brought her talented hands to the project and together we all spent 2 snow filled weeks in Woodstock shooting the book.