the content's of my bag. what's in yours? do we really need all these things? it seem's i do, yesterday i tried scaling back what i carry and of course found myself needing all of the things i left behind. somehow my husband never seems to need so much hmmm.


  1. Into my 20s I needed only three things to leave the house, and would recite them as I touched the pocket that contained them. "Money, cigarettes, keys." Now I'd be embarrassed to dump my bag out. Nail clippers; check. Advil; check. Hand cream; check.

    Backache; check.

  2. Nadja3.6.09

    Let's see...I've really pared down as my back was hurting from such a heavy bag! And I dont' want to feel like I'm in survival mode constantly. I first went directly to carrying my ATM card, cell phone, and one key in my jeans pockets, but soon realized I needed more STUFF! Now I have a change purse stuffed with all the cards and cash, ALL the keys, cell phone, checkbook (why??), a small journal for writing passing creative thoughts, some hand santizer (soon to be gone as Swine Flu seems to be receeding), and a small bag with make-up type things. Oh, and my business cards in case I run into someone "interesting!" Sorry no photos.

  3. Love the contents of your bag.. PRETTY.
    What's in the skull sequined bag?

    My bag (from which I've tried to pare down as well but it never works) contains a cosmetic bag (because I'm usually running late and put most makeup on in the bathroom at work), a big coin purse/wallet, cell phone, ipod touch & headphones, keys, lipstick + gloss in an easily accessible place, a pen. I think that's it. Sunglasses too.