paper sculpures

here in the hudson valley we have so many creative people. among my friends are artists, cartoonists, architect's, writers, children's book illustrators, amazing chef's,
world class musicians, film makers, photographers.....i'm sure i left some out!
so many people here create their own careers and some travel all over the world for work and base themselves in the hudson valley.
over the next several weeks i am going to be highlighting some of these people and their business's.
so to begin-  ramon lascano makes these incredible sculptures from discarded books. He folds and fans the books so that the geometry of the original book is transformed. the text wraps in and around the the folds creating additional patterns. sometimes he mounts them or combines them with free standing columns that reference architectural details. his show is now up at paper trail a faboulus store nearby. this is the first gallery show they have had and hopefully the first of many.
I will be posting more on paper trail soon.