johanna vintage

okay i am not quite ready for fall so here are a few more white and silver pics........
one of the site's i frequently go to is johanna vintage, she is a wonderful swedish interior stylist. i love the cool, clean, pale palette of her pictures. as much as i love color and often use it in my home and work i still gravitate towards pictures like these.


  1. This is the kind of atmosphere we are creating in our house in France. I need light, space and texture now, in total contrast to my colourful blog.

  2. I gravitate there too...

  3. hi, and oh, joanna vintage? not familiar blog name to me. so i should check that out. the pics look great. thank you!

  4. deborah- I would love to see pics of your house.
    kt-joanna vintage is a wonderful site..def. check it out.