marc jacobs and chado ralph rucci

pardon me while i digress to fashion for a moment... this week is fashion week in ny and so far my favorite looks are from marc jacobs!! check out the beautiful details, the delicate stitching on the grey knit dress with that amazing collar, the ruffle on the pinstripe jacket- look at the detailing on the skirt as well. the openwork with pearls on the dress and again on the moroccan influenced embroidered dress. or my absolute fav the chiffon dress with string detail.
Then onto chado ralph rucci- an amazing designer who does not get nearly enough press. again
i saw the retrospective of his work at f.i.t last year and spent hours looking at the work put into each piece.
look at the pleats and gathers on the olive dress- love the tie, and the cut and sewn openwork on the dresses. i keep thinking i would love to make some pillows with some of his details.

two of ralph rucci's biggest supporters are amy fine collins and iris apfel both women with great style. for those of you who don't know iris, she is the owner along with her husband of old world weavers fabrics. several years ago the met had a show of her clothes and published a catalog to go along with it. def. take a look. i had the great pleasure to take a tour of the show with her and she is one of a kind. so many starlets and people with out any real style (just stylists shopping for them) are on the best dressed list's these days. most of their "style" is just the ability to buy expensive clothes not truly "wear" them.