morocco and on to istanbul

i thought you would enjoy these pics.
several years ago we took an amazing trip through morocco. we went to tangier, casablanca, essaouira, marrakech, quarzazate, and fez- another words a large part of the country and all in 10 days. it was a bit of a whirlwind but absolutely incredible. this trip has been on my mind a lot lately, perhaps because we are about to take off for turkey! this trip will be a bit calmer as we plan on spending most of our time in istanbul. after much debate (pack a lot in- our usual idea or spend more time in one or two places and really see them.) we decided to jet to izmir and see the coast and ruins in ephesus for a few days as well.
so stay tuned for lots of pics..................oh and of course if anyone has suggestions as to what to see let me know.