display design-anthropologie, london and simon doonan at barneys ny

this morning i woke to find this lovely picture on decor8, of the new anthropologie store in london. susannah conway a photographer based in london shot the pic. i love (as we all do) the display at anthro. they have some of the most creative and imaginative people working for them. i only wish i was closer to one of the stores so i could see them on a weekly basis. when barneys was downtown on 17th street in nyc i lived nearby, and my weekly ritual was to take an evening walk and stare at the windows forever. chelsea was not the design hood it is now (barneys was about it), and simon doonan did not have the recognition he now has, but had already developed his totally over the top style.
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how about these anthro display's i saw on breakfast at anthroplogie
and always fab barneys........



  1. Simon is so great. I go to the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah GA, and he came to speak about his work. He is fabulous and definitely not afraid to go beyond what's expected- which is why his work is such an attraction.

  2. would love to have heard him speak. what a great school you are at- so many interesting design people coming out of there.