istanbul- stylish and delicious restaraunts

we had some of the most delicious meals in istanbul and found some of the best style in these restaurants.
my absolute fav was muzedechanga. it is located in the sakip sabanci museum. the museum is a bit out of the way, and not everyone has heard about it -but definitely worth the trip. they have the most amazing collection of ottoman calligraphy. it is located along the bosphorus with an incredible view of the asian side. the restaurant is designed by autoban, a turkish design team that seems to have designed all of the latest best restaurants in istanbul these days. the restaurant is designed with a scandanavian touch and a great place to while away the afternoon. i dream about the crispy baklava with quince puree, kaymak and clotted cream- and i don't normally like baklava! i immediately came home and tried to make the zucchini flowers stuffed with lor cheese and basil. be sure to try the chickpea soup and the marsh samphire with fava bean puree.
the chef is peter gordon and is also behind the restaurant changa, we didn't get a chance to go there but based on muzedechanga- i would heartily recommend it. if anyone has been let me know what you ate.
i love the screen!!
to finish off the perfect day leave the museum and stroll along the bosphorus.