hanukkamas is almost upon us- gift idea's

we celebrate a little of everything.. sinterklass will be coming next weekend, then my youngest's birthday, then hanukkah (and the hanukkah fairy's arrival) and last but not least christmas.... where all of my jewish family gets together- go figure!

starting today i will share a few goodies i that have found in my travels.

we are a family of readers so books are first on my list.
a wonderful book showcasing the significance that people invest in everyday objects.
the owners, including luc sante and christopher walken share short poignant essay's
on their most treasured thingamajigs. $17.50 curiosity shoppe
a whole new look at diy from this talented design duo. from astroturf pillows, pickle jar terrariums to a dresser with 3-d french script. $27.50 curiosity shoppe

a great resource of hand drawn patterns in various styles. features the work of many different designers and artists. $35.00 curiosity shoppe

abigail ahern's beautiful home and london shop have been featured in many international magazines. $28.45 amazon

showcases the work of early modern homes in the bay area, many still standing. $23.10 amazon
ok, i know it's $$$$ but it's about the oh, so amazing grace coddington, and out of print!
perhaps someone will republish it soon. if you don't find this book in your stocking, you can always watch the september issue. $1,249.36 amazon