julia hilbrandt felt bags

i first saw julia hilbrandt''s great bags at this falls sheep and wool festival in rhinebeck. if you haven't been, and are in the area it is a great place for yarn and crafts fans to see. i have to admit that at this point i have sooooo much yarn stash and so little time to knit that i had no business even being there! i was very good however and only bought one skein. mostly i looked, ran into friends and chatted with my editors from various book projects. oh, and ate sauteed artichoke hearts- a fair treat i look forward to each year. but i digress! i also found julia's bags. i love just about anything made out of felt (well not anything- some of it is a bit to twee for me.). julia is an artist who recently took up felt, her bags are simple and architectural, with just the right amount of embellishment. she makes them out of industrial felt, and each is hand made to order.