new and exciting

i am both tired and excited after the last several days at the ny gift show. for those of you who have never been it is a huge trade show for stores from all over to come and check out the new merchandise that both small and large manufactures have made. i probably walked 5 miles- back and forth checking out all the cool stuff along with a lot of dreck. you do have to wonder what some people are thinking! sometimes though if you look really close at a booth full of the most god awful stuff, there hidden away will be the one cool thing. and then of course there are those vendors that you want to immediately swoop in and grab one ( or 2 ) of everything because it is just sooo fab!

years ago- in another lifetime i designed and manufactured a line of really cool kids clothes. back then i was on the other side of things. first you design and make all of your samples, catalogs and booth. then you schlep all your stuff to the convention center and spend a day or 2 setting up, and then the "fun" begins. 5 or 6 long days of selling (hopefully) your stuff. then taking everything down, heading back to your studio and producing and shipping all the orders.

it is definitely hard work, but also fun. i met some great people- both designers and buyers. it's kind of like summer camp in that you get to see people you often only see once or twice a year at the shows. but believe me you are always happy to have it come to an end!

it is always a bit hard for me to be walking the show on the " other side" and see people in empty booths, obviously not selling well. even if they have stuff i don't like, i feel bad for them.

well now that you heard all that, over the next few weeks i will have all sorts of pictures to show you of the things that will be showing up in stores this spring.

one of the first booths that got me excited was dinah coops. not only does she have a beautifully designed line but, the coasters and table mats are made from 100% post consumer recycled paper and then printed with water based inks. hard to believe but the paperstone is hard as stone. i have seen counter tops made out of it and they are beautiful. she also prints her designs on un- dyed linen napkins and tea towels.