weekend plans and a happy craigs list story

I can't wait until the weekend starts- we are heading to NY city for the kids school break, yummy food, seeing friends, museums, shopping and my fav- the Brooklyn Flea!  several years ago missing spending more time as a family in the city and not wanting to stay with friends and family, we decided to try a house swap. I saw a listing on Craigs List for someone with a 2 bedroom apt. in NY looking for a place in our area.  Admitedly I was nervous- someone in our home, with our things that we did not know, would we come back to things missing, broken etc?  And then of course I panicked about our place, would it be good enough for them, were they expecting something far better?  But we forged ahead, sent pictures back and forth of our places, emailed and spoke on the phone letting each other know a bit about ourselves.  I must admit that first time, besides obsessively cleaning every closet etc. I hid a few things I was particularly worried about.  The off we went.  Other then a mild glitch when we got to their building and realized we didn't know which apt. was theirs, all when great.  The apt. was lovely (they obviously were more trusting then us as they left everything out ), the neighborhood full of yummy places to eat and we had a great time.
We switched for about a year and a half before finally agreeing to actually meet.  We both had mixed feelings, the mystery was kind of fun, and what if we didn't like each other- would it all be over.  But after all that time , the conversations we did have back and forth and the perusing of each others extensive library's seemed enough to assure that we had things in common and would get along.   We decided to meet for brunch, all was fine, they are as lovely and interesting as we thought they would be.  So off we go for a the week- please let the weather be good.

2 of our favorite places for sweets-
The Donut Plant- We start every day here! The most amazing donuts including cake donuts.
Sugar Sweet Sunshine- Yummy cupcakes, including my daughters fav, named Bob ( my husbands name ).

2 of our favorite places to eat- notice which comes first-
Falai-  Contemporary italian in a beautiful setting, I would love to replicate the lace pattern on the windows in my home.
Schillers Liquor Bar- Despite the name a great family restaurant. Another amazing space- and def. check out the coolest bathrooms in NY.

And here is a shameless plug for Joanna Smith- Rakoff our swap mate- she is the author of An Unfortunate Age, It follows a group of Oberlin Grads who move to Brooklyn in the late 90's as they try to make their way in various bohemian- type fields, only to find their lives drifting in bourgeois directions.
I loved every moment of it and coudn't put it down, def. reminded me of when i first moved to NY- so go read it!