In the garden

My garden and patio are much like the style of the interior of my home- colorful, a bit of old and peeling paint, a bit of modern and it all seems to come together.  It is a great place to relax and while away the time ( not that I seem to do much of that as I would prefer to dig in the in the garden, rather then sit ).  But sometimes I long for crisp and modern with lot's of stucture out there.  Well perhaps that is another house, but meanwhile here are my thoughts for my fantasy patio.
1.Habitat , 2. I have a string of bare lightbulbs my husband made for one of our party's and I cover it with various shades, these from  Droog, are made to slip over bulbs and would look great lighting my stone patio. 3. Habitat,  I love the indoor/ outdoor over scaled mod lamps from Design Within Reach,  5. CB2,  6. Design Within Reach,  7. I have been coveting this lighted Chester Sofa from Deep Design, another fab surrealist touch. 8. Habitat,  9. Ok so maybe I am overdoing the lighted object theme, but I think these rocks  would look amazing placed throughout the garden or as stools besides an outdoor fireplace.
When I was in Amsterdam several years one of the first stores I wanted to visit was Droog and I am thrilled that they are now in NY. 1. This umbrella would look great in just about any style of garden.  2. This vintage 60's patio set from1st Dibs is a great place to have evening cocktails. 3. For the garden in town that needs a bit of screening I would use this lace fence and grow a fragrant climbing white jasmine on it. 4.Relive those fond memories of days spent swinging as a child on this updated flowering swing.5. Habitat, 6. On that same trip to Amsterdam we visited a garden that had the lawn dotted with Fatboy beanbags, and it not only looked amazing, but was a perfect way to spend the afternoon.  7. Moma Store, 8. And for the kiddies a perfect play space. 

1. Nothing better then a good game of Petanque on a summer afternoon. 2. We live in a village and having an outdoor shower would give our neighbors to much of a show, but since this is my dream garden that's not a problem.  This shower head is so elegant.   3. Lately I have been thinking our garden party's could use a cocktail cart and this french cart from the 50's would be perfect.  7. Or perhaps this classic Joe Colombo cart, I have always wanted one of these but never had a good use for it. 4. Design Within Reach,  5. I can't imagine a cooler grill then this!  6. We love to watch movies and it would be a perfect evening to sit under the stars, with cocktails watching Priscilla Queen Of the Desert.  8. In our garden now we have an outdoor fireplace and I can't imagine a garden without one, this sleek version would go perfectly in my modern garden.

1-4.One can never have enough birds about, so how about a tree filled with bird all of these  Bird feeders.1. Moma Store,  2.  Velocity Art and Design 3. Droog,  4. Design Within Reach.
Some of my favorite garden books can be found here, and the I think the one I turn to the most is Jewel Box Gardens by Thomas Hobbs. After years of gardening the most important piece of advice I can give is it's not about the flowers, as they come and go. It's really about structure and foliage and Hobbs shows this to it's best advantage.  A collection of air plants flowing from these pots would be amazing,  6. Design Within Reach,  8. Velocity Art and Design.  7. Another great Droog piece- how about these straps outside beside your door to hold notes, garden or bbq. tools or a sun hat, how cool is that? 9. Can't forget your veggie's, and these seeds from the Hudson Valley Seed Library are grown right here in my neck of the woods- plus the packages are art pieces designed by local artists. 10. One must have a stylish cart for such a stylish garden.

One always needs to look their best especially when lounging in the garden sipping a cocktail, and don't forget a hat for sun protection as well as a bit of elegance. 1. Marimekko,  3. Marimekko, 4. Add these stainless straws to sip your cocktail so as not to muss your lipstick.  Ok, so none of these shoes are practical in the garden but sooo cool. 5. Steven Alan,
6. Modekungen 9. 1st Dibs, 10. Maison Martin Margiela.  And for the cocktails a few stylish glasses. 7. Velocity Art and Design, 8. Moma Store,