Brinca Dada modern dollhouse

My dad besides being an amazing photographer and film buff is a skilled carpenter.  Most of my life he was renovating one house or another.  When I was 10 or so we used to make the most amazing dollhouses for fun.  The one I am most fond of had a flat grass roof (very forward thinking) and an internal circular stair that wound around a plant filled aviary.  Unfortunately in one of our moves I got rid of it- I would so love to have it now and sometimes think of recreating it for fun.  Meanwhile perhaps this uber cool modern dollhouse from Brinca Dada (Brazilian for plaything) is what I need.  The Emerson is inspired by Neutra's Kaufman House and the Cooper House, an A. Quincy Jones home that was designed for Gary Cooper in the 1950's.  Besides it's cool glass corners, it features LED lights powered by solar panels and a cut stone fireplace.  Come to think of it- order me one in people size!

Brinca Dada was started by ex Toys R Us buyer, Doug Rollins and Architect Tim Boyle. More designs are in the works and I can't wait to see what these guys come up with.