If you have been following my tweets of the last few days you know that I am having some serious Germain love happening! For those of you who don't know this ab fab store it is in Great Barrington Massachusetts, and is the brainchild of Elena Letteron also the owner of Metropolitan next door.  While Metropolitan tends towards a french country vibe, Germain is more industrial modern.  Think lots of charcoal gray, industrial steel furniture both old and new made for the shop and a well curated selection of modern chairs. As if that where not enough there is also a shop within a shop of Martin, Anne Johnston Alberts simple, sexy clothing line.  All this is inside an large open barn space with concrete floors.  My favorite home ever was a 3000 sf. loft in Nolita (before it was Nolita and was still Little Italy). It was nothing fancy- a loft in the true original sense.  Raw, unfinished, concrete floors, some half walls to give some privacy to the bedrooms and huge steel windows on 3 sides.  Though I now live in a much more finished, classic home.... I dream of living in an industrial, slightly rustic space again- Germain is just the ticket for that life.

If you are like me and love industrial spaces and lofts turned into living spaces check out Converted Spaces by Simone Schleifer.

 photo's Martin Albert


  1. Raw concrete floors...my fave.

  2. I think this store was just highlighted in Elle Decor - it looks fab!! thanks for sharing...I will have to try to get there sometime...lucky you living in a loft in the city...I had a friend who lived in a big place in the '30's - I think near the garment district and it was great.

  3. Ok, I'm in serious love - why do I have to live so far away?!! Love the look and feel of the store - I want to just move in to it :)