Life and Burritos

So sorry peeps- it's been INSANE around here!  A friend of mine called us the sandwich generation, taking care of young kids and your elderly parents at the same time while somehow managing long days shooting.  The final straw was the other day when I was in another state on location and the kids called to tell me the sitter didn't show and my 9 year old had knocked a tooth loose.  After work I was planning on heading to the hospital to see my dad (don't worry in the big picture he's fine, just a temporary setback).  Instead I quick made alternate arrangements to have another sitter come, called the dentist, finished the shoot before we lost the meager light we had and headed home close to 9pm to check out the tooth situation.  the good news is that the tooth was a baby tooth.  The kids are good natured and responsible and my dad is getting sprung today.  So after all that I guess you can understand why the blog got a tad ignored.
Right now it is a peaceful moment, I am in my office and all is calm and quiet.  My DH is picking  up my dad and bringing him to our house until he is strong enough to go home.   The kids are at school, the dog is sound asleep and it is a beautiful warm sunny day.  I took 10 minutes to paint my toenails and all feels better.
And even better the Burrito Stand is back in town!  It is a sure sign of spring when the burrito trailer shows up.  All winter Bjanette (Bubby) and Rodrigo head to the warmer climes of Mexico, then come spring they set up the trailer at the local farm stand and serve the most delicious veggie burritos.  One kind of burrito, one kind of quesadilla, guac or not, that's your choice.  But who needs variety when you have such deliciousness.  We pretty much live on Bubby's Burrito's from spring till fall when they sadly ( for us ) they head back to Mexico.
In my travels I have come across some other cool traveling food and thought I would share a few with you.  Perhaps some are in your neighorhood, if so I would love to hear about your fav's.
1. Vintage cupcake trailer from Enjoy Cupcakes.  2. hot dog stand  3. Senor Tacombi  
Travelling desserts from The Sugar Cube.... wish they would come by my door!
Believe it or not- a traveling tattoo parlour!
And finally- home sweet home, via Lucy Lord.