Maeve magazine

Maeve magazine- ok maybe I love it because it is my daughters name.   Or maybe because one of my favorite blogging friends, (the very cool Alexandra Tyler of Strawberry Lemonade and Modern Kiddo- the blog she co-authors with Dottie, where does she get the time???)  wrote an article on the Devil-Ettes and her friendship with one of the other "Ettes" Dotty.  Alex is crazy retro with an amazing wardrobe filled with hip vintage pieces that she mixes in all sorts of colorful awe inspiring ways.  About the Devil-Ettes- they are an ultra cool girl group that dresses in matching 60's style hot pink fringy dresses and go-go boots and does synchronized dancing to retro music.
Oops I digress, back to Maeve Magazine- besides Alex's piece there is an article about the cooking blog Trotsky and Ash, written by Romy Ash and Sarah Trotsky.  What is it about this magazine, my other daughters name is Romi, weird huh?  Some pretty cool fashions for kids and moms and home acc.  and as if that was not enough- interviews with painter/ illustrator Naoko Stoop, gorgeous flower pics by Narelle Sartain and..... well go take a look for yourself.