Portuguese design

Thought I would show you all a couple of cool design things from Portugal via the Museum Of Modern Art Store in NYC.  Not only do I love that museum, but the store is one of my go to spots for cool books and design.  Sometimes I just go in for a breath of design fresh air.  Recently they have been featuring design from various parts of the world, and I am lovin these!

1. ceiling light $250. Marco Sousa Santos. recycled milk carton containers $36. Blinddesign. 3. tile trivet $80. by Rita Goncalves 
1. cork umbrella, pricey but so cool $125 by Sandra Correia.  2. detergent bottle bag by Patricia Ferro $125.  3. cork watch Pelcor Designs $75.
1. ceramic and cork tea pot $ 25. and cups $10. each by Raquel Castro.  2. nesting bowls 
$ 75. Catarine Nunes.  3. tea for four $175. Nick Holland