Life and shoes, a week through my feet

Oy Vey!!  What another crazy week, 3 states, country, city, prepping and shooting for 3 different jobs, scheduling upcoming jobs- including some longer trips and farther locations which means being away longer from home and all the arraignments that entails for the kids.  Meanwhile after several weeks of being sick and in and out of the hospital, and then 2 weeks of rehab my dad was finally going home.... but wait, as he was gathering his things and my DH was on the way to pick him up ( I was on location in another state) he fell and broke his pelvic bone.  I got the news just as I was shooting the last picture of the day, so packed up and headed to the hospital er where I spent the next 7 hours until he was admitted at 3am.  The good news is that it is a small fracture and he did not get hurt anywhere else.  So now he is looking at the next 2-3 months back at rehab.  To say the least we are all pretty demoralized.  Somehow in all of that I did manage some lovely anniversary time with my DH and a flea-whew!