Linda Filley -exquisite paper shoes

I was hoping to have this post (as well as several others up earlier this week), but I am in NYC shooting and being a bit on overload lately I forgot my computer power cord aghh and my toothbrush.  Well the toothbrush was not a problem as I had one as one of the props for the shoot.  I was not so lucky with the power cord.  Well I think this post was worth waiting for!
I wrote about Linda Filley's beautiful paper dresses a while back......well now take a look at what she's up to!!  This week I was invited into her studio and beautiful home- what a treat as her home and it's setting are gorgeous.

As you can imagine Linda doesn't just throw any old wrapping paper on her gifts and call it a day- the wrappings are gifts in themselves making it hard for the  giftee's to open.  Last Christmas she gave a gift to Maureen Missner of Paper Trail in this incredible wrapping. 
Maureen loved it (how could she not) and suggested that Linda make more and have a show at the store.  Well 4 months later these are the amazing results!
Ok are you drooling yet?  Do you want to be able to put a pair of these on and go out dancing?