What home means to me

Yay- today is my day to Pin It Forward!  As some of you probably have already heard Victoria from sfgirlbybay has started this great mash up- wonderful, talented bloggers all showing what home means to them using Pinterest.  If you haven't heard of Pinterest it is a cool new way to bookmark your fav images and share them creating pinboards.
I have been thinking a lot about home lately- well ok always, but particularly lately.  Maybe because I seem to see so little of mine these days, as I write this I am several hundred miles from my home and family on location.  Don't get me wrong I love to travel, and after several years of being fairly home bound work wise with small children- I am thrilled to be on the go again.  But I do love, obsess about and miss my home.  My husband and I have a lovely home, but when you combine an architect and a stylist the urge to move, build, remodel, change just for the sake of it is hard to let go of.  We have about a million design sketches for a possible new home and perhaps someday soon will take the leap.  Right now I am on Martha's Vineyard, being here or places like here where family's come back year after year, sometimes for several generations is such an amazing feeling.  Over the weekend I was at a gathering for a dear family friend. She lives on an incredible piece of farm land with a 200 year old stone house.  At one point in the party she and her husband along with their now grown children were talking about first  finding the house-and knowing deeply that it was home.  I want to make sure to have created that for my family, it's not all about style-
So.........home means- Color!
Image via Home Life

It means a sunny place to eat.
Hmmm perhaps you remember where this lovely image is from?

It means tons of fresh flowers.  

It also means fresh local food.
Image via Hip Paris

 Okay so maybe Paris isn't local but a girl can dream.
In my case it definitely means collections!

It means the kitchen as we spend most of our time in ours.
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It means typography
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I am lucky to be able to spend a fair amount of time home working and with my kids, so it means a great home office.
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It means casual get together's with friends.
Image via Living Etc
It means yummy meals.
Image via Tartelette

Image via Inside Out 


And yet more books!!
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But most of all it means my family!