Is it work or vacation?

Crazy times here, I keep planning on being a regular blogger- Mon., Wed, Fri., then things get crazy again with work and that idea goes out the window!  So here I am, once again apologizing to you dear blogettes.  I just got back from a week shooting on Martha's Vineyard... I know you are thinking " this is work?".   YES- it is, but it often is fun as well, and this shoot was def. both.
My car was filled to the brim with an array of props, which had to be transported onto the ferry sans car and then onto the Menemsha Inn where we were shooting for the week.  This sweet little cottage was my home sweet home.
One can never have enough props, so my client and I headed down to the little town of Menemsha for a few more things, on the way back we ran out of gas- much to the amusement of the many people who passed by and all knew our client, Sarah Nixon.  After refilling at the local gas station- isn't it cool, we headed back a bit later then expected to the shoot.  
Photographer John Gruen managed to continue working hard without us.
This was my fab transportation and prop storage for the week- I do not travel light.
Notice the beach sign- we only saw the beach when we were shooting it!
Ben and Ben, asst photographer and Gruen's son, one working hard the other playing on his DS.
Just you all purpose stylist/model, my shot of John shooting my feet on the shell path for the job.