West Elm

I have to say I am not always a huge fan of West Elm, the stuff often looks pretty cool in pictures but in person doesn't always live up.  The fall catalog arrived and looked pretty good and the other day I found myself in the store and was happily surprised.  The new Pratt office pieces were quite cool especially the desk.  I love that they worked with Pratt design students and that the furniture uses FSC- certified materials and the lamps are LED.  Some of the linens and pillows are pretty great as well, the black and white print reminds me of Marimekko prints.  The Mike Miller prints are great as well.
Often in the various catalogs that end up on my desk my fav's are the props and spaces they are in rather then the objects that are for sale.  I would love any of these great lamps.
These days I pretty much always feel that way about the various Pottery Barn catalogs.  I'm not quite sure if that means the stylists are during a good job or not.  It doesn't make me want to buy the objects for sale but the others.  Perhaps Pottery Barn should hire the stylists to design the line.
I would love this great wallpaper in my bedroom- does any one know who makes this?