New Magazines- Rue and Anthology

I am a sucker for just about any design magazine that's probably why I ended up styling.   One glance at my office shelves will prove that it is a wee bit of a problem- or at least the saving part.  Anyway it has been such a sad time in the magazine world as we all know- both for pleasure as well as work.  Though things seem to be perking up a bit.  
I am looking forward to the changes at Veranda with Dara Caponigro now in charge and thank you design gods for hiring Margaret Russell at Architectural Digest.- did that magazine need a change or what?   Though I do wish they had hired Wendy Goodman instead of  Michael Boodro at Elle Decor.  Wendy is so talented and is somewhat wasted at New York Magazine, since they do so little in the way of design story's.

In addition to print there are changes in the online magazine world as well.
Lonny is growing and in addition to being online (for free) it will now be published on paper for  $34.00 an issue.  Though that price seems a bit stiff even for me, I would bet they will find a way to bring the cost down and be available on newstands soon.

Lonny's success is paving the way for others, including, debuting today- Rue.  And  on the stands now is Anthology.

Images- Anthology

 Images- Rue