These are probably not the before and afters's you were expecting.  It's pretty exciting though seeing the house completely opened up. And I mean opened up, there are large gaping holes between the 1st and 2nd floors.  You can see the outside clearly and not just from the windows, several of which have come crashing out!  When the walls were opened up we discovered a large bee's nest.  Today said bee's are being removed and sent to Florida- yes, Florida in the hopes that they will survive better in the warmer weather........note to Dear Husband, so would I!  And to cap off a perfect week my DH went dumpster diving to save some scraps of the funky old wallpaper for our daughter, what a guy.
Living room
Dining room and kitchen
Side entry and kitchen nook
Master bedroom
2nd bedroom
Bathroom and second bedroom

Just to recap as I have had a few frantic emails from people thinking we are gutting our house....relax!  It's not our house  but a charming but much in need of repair, house nearby that we recently purchased.

So as if this wasn't exciting enough, stayed tuned to hear which of the floor plans won out.