New House.........crazy or what?

Hello dear reader, I need to go to house-oholic's anonymous...........Last Friday my DH and I bought a new house.  Hooray you say, well take a look at the pictures before you offer congratulations......

Perhaps I should explain-
1. We are not planning on moving, we are going to fix it up and rent it out.
2. We have done this before, only bigger- I wish I had the before of our current house to show you.
When the real estate agent first saw it with me she was on the verge of tears and apologetic
for even showing it to me.  I on the other hand was on the phone to my DH telling him it was perfect and we should buy it!
The worst part of it is my DH and I realized we had passed this terrible fixer upper disease on to our daughters.  When we brought them to see the house for the first time we expected their reaction to be one of horror.  But, no- they ran throughout the house in it's decrepit state completely excited, "can we keep the cool wallpaper?" "what a great kitchen- keep it just the way it is."
** My DH husband read this and commented that actually things are far worse- the girls don't want to fix it.........they want to live in it the way it is!
Well,  sorry girls but today we start gutting it, the wallpaper cool as it is, must go.  The kitchen sink will stay, and hopefully the cabinets if they are in good enough shape.  But the weird nook in the corner of the kitchen will go to make a larger kitchen.
Do you have the same disease as I, or at least like to live vicariously through sick people like me?   If so, stayed tuned in the coming months because I plan on keeping all of you updated with plenty of photo's and thoughts.