The Raina song

This weekend we went to The Social Network, OK Mark Zuckerberg comes off as pretty unlikeable but although FB has both good and bad aspects to it, ultimately I think it has been a fantastic tool to stay in touch with people from the various point of our lives, or at least check out old flames on the sly.... not that I have ever done that!

So- another Facebook story....... recently a group of friends that I grew up with in Woodstock started a FB page devoted to the time we were growing up there.  I discovered it in the week after my mother died last year and it was so comforting to relive so many parts of my childhood and reconnect with people, some of which I had not spoken to in years.  It's been amazing sharing stories with old friends.  Story's about the places we hung out, people both wonderful and strange (many strange!), teachers- good and bad (some really bad).  Growing up in Woodstock in the 70's was definitely wacky and sharing our thoughts in such a broad way really helps to put the various things that were going on around us in perspective.  The discussions back and forth reminding us all of the events around us and the people (some gone) have me often laughing out loud.
Recently my friend Maria who I went to nursery school with and hadn't been in touch with in years found me.  She told me that back in nursery school when she first heard my name she decided someday she would name her daughter after me.  Fast forward, she has a beautiful daughter named Raina and her husband the very talented Peter Himmelman wrote an amazing song about her............. so here is the Raina song.