Wow- this is the 13th year my friend MP and I have thrown our annual Halloween party.  We are a traveling circus, each year we find a new and exciting location and completely transform it.  There are days of planning, shopping and making new cool decorations, and constant phone calls back and forth as we get more and more excited.  This year we sent out invites not knowing where the party would actually be.  We had hoped the house we are renovating would be far enough along that it would be a rough barn like space but with bathroom in place.....no such luck.  The house is still pretty open to the elements and without plumbing.  So off in search of a new location.  We lucked out, when a friend of ours with a very cool old gas station came through.  He has been renovating the space to use as an artists studio and it is almost done but not yet in use.  Ahhh- open, clean, very cool space here we come!
This year we projected Young Frankenstein (without sound) on tattered, stained rags behind the skeleton, added eery blue bulbs and a red glow from a attic hole with spiders descending from it.  Unfortunately by the time the party started and it was dark I was in a partying mood and didn't get pictures of the scene at night- next year perhaps. 
Meanwhile enjoy the spooky details I took while setting up.........