Hinge and Rue 2

Monday morning I opened the latest issue of Rue magazine and fell in love!  No silly not with a new man (relax, honey) but the stunning home of Angela Stone of Hinge.  
Her home has just about everything I love- vintage metal, chalkboards, stunning artwork, and most importantly a fab mix of vintage and clean spare modern pieces Angela calls Farmhouse Modern - sign me up.  

 Below are images from the Hinge sight, so now that you have fallen as well you can rush over to Hinge and buy some of their beautiful pieces for yourself.
Love these photo's from Jeremy Edwards
Check out the glass top steel table with image beneath.
And while I am telling you my loves- HELLO!!- Rue.....I love issue 2 even more then the first if that is possible.  Anne and Crystal are doing an amazing job!  In addition to this amazing home check out Jessie Zinke's Chelsea loft, Julie Carlson from Remodelista's holiday table and last but def. not least, do not miss - Jingle Girl Rock with the Girls in Glasses.