Idea's for the new house- kitchens

Inspiration for the house remodel......

The house is small and I want to let it remain as light and open as possible.  I love the feeling in the pictures below from Kjerstis Lykke.   I would like to find some large industrial pendants to hang over the table and perhaps in the side entry.  The plain, modern white cabinets would look great-  
I have always loved this mix of rustic with a clean modern feel and it would suite the house well as we are leaving the beams exposed.
I have been in a gray mood lately-so perhaps the cabinets should be charcoal gray with a white top.
The kitchen below is from Ikea Family and although we are not going to use concrete countertops we could get a similar feel with stone or stainless.   We probably won't put tile on the walls and instead will paint it white. 
Ikea's Abstrakt cabinets would give us a similar look to the more modern kitchens above.  As much as I would like to paint the floors white, it's not very practical in a rental.  Hopefully we can at least get them pretty light when we sand them.