Slowly coming along

I haven't posted any updates on the house in a while as it has been slow going.  Any of you who have ever gone through a similar project know that the gutting is quick, but then all sorts of surprises appear and muck things up a bit.  We tore down the walls and discovered a huge bee's nest.  We found a beekeeper who removed them and made a nice new home for them in a warmer climate so they would survive (lucky bees).   Our painter disappeared the day he was supposed to start, but luckily we found another quickly as we wanted to be sure to get the exterior paint scraped and a coat of primer before the cold weather made it impossible.  First thing in the spring we will put a finish coat on.  Not much other then painting has happened to the front so far. 
But inside.....
 We framed for a new window by the front door.  
New side door and coat closet framed in.  We will have to do some patching to the floor.
 Looking to the rear of the house towards the new kitchen on left.  After much discussion we decided to go with the open plan.  The old stove is just sitting in the middle of things until we decide whether to keep it or not.
 To the right of the stove, partially boarded up is the new opening for the french doors leading out to the back yard.  To the right of that is a framed opening for a new window.
 East side of the house with new side door and plywood covering up old entry and windows.
 South side where the french doors will go.
 West side the old chimney has been removed (there was rot and leaks behind it) and opening for new dining area window.
So far we have been concentrating on the downstairs so stayed tuned for upstairs pics soon.