Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading

This week being a part of the Sinterklass spectacle in Rhinebeck and now writing about Joshua Vogel of Blackcreek Mercantile just keeps reinforcing why I love living in the Hudson Valley. 
When I first moved here from the city, some city friends came to visit and just couldn't get "it".  Why I would leave the city and all it had to offer - what would I do creatively here?  Who would I be able to share a creative life with living here?  
Rest assured- a creative, exciting life filled with people who are artists, designers, writers, musicians etc. is extremely alive and well here.  Yes, there is a vibrancy and non stop energy that I miss, but I am in NYC often for work and pleasure and it all seems to balance out pretty well.
Joshua Vogel works nearby in Kingston one of many accomplished artisans in the area.   Vogel co-founded BDDW and is now on his own designing under the name Blackcreek Mercantile.   In addition to making these amazing vessels Vogel recently consulted on new designs for one of my fave stores,  Sawkille in Rhinebeck, also helping in the design of the new store.