davistudio pottery

I recently had the pleasure of styling potter Mary Ann Davis's pottery for her new davistudio catalog.  I have loved her work for years ( those of you who have seen the pics of my house know I have a serious pottery problem.) and was thrilled to get to spend a few days "playing " with it.  It was made even better by the great locations we used.
For the white pieces we shot at Germain, one of my favorite stores nearby in Great Barrington Mass.  Again our host Elena was calm and helpful as we shifted things around her store.  It always amazes me when I call someone up that I barely know and without hesitation they agree to a crew coming and shoot at their store or home.  Sometimes it was hard to work as Mary Ann, photographer John Gruen and I just wanted to keep fondling the lovely objects throughout her Germain.  I would be perfectly happy to move into her store and live there just the way it is.
I love the amazing texture on the steel tabletop!

For the colorful pieces we shot in Mark McDonald's amazing mid century home near Hudson NY.  Mark was a generous and relaxed host as we moved throughout his home shooting and moving his incredible artwork, furniture and pottery.  Not only was the house amazing but the view is to die for!  For those of you who are not familiar with Mark McDonald he now owns the eponymous mid-century design gallery in Hudson NY.  Previously he owned Fifty/ 50, in NYC the first gallery to showcase mid- century design and then later Gansevoort Gallery one of the earliest gallery's to locate in the meatpacking district.
images John Gruen