Idea's for the new house- bathrooms

The bathroom in the house we are remodeling is tiny, in fact the way it was when we bought it you could not even stand up in the bathtub.  We are adding a dormer to give more headroom.
Luckily it has a large window so with a bit of work it can be bright and cheery - something that would be hard to believe looking at the "before" pictures.

In looking at through the images in my style file I realized they all seem to have white tile walls.  Most likely we won't tile all of the walls but will paint them white and use white tile as back splash.  I love the sink in the first picture, the square chunkiness is very cool.    
In this shot the mirror wall and long shelf would be great to add.  The room is so tiny that any extra shelf space we can fit in will be very use full.
I love the shot below with the deep window recess-not something we can do unfortunately.  And the bright red medicine chest is great with all that white- because I always need a hit of color somewhere.

Any of these pieces from Ikea would work and fit our budget.

The square mirror with wood frame is reminds me of an Ikea mirror from several years ago that was round with a beech wood frame.  I kept debating it since I didn't have a good place for it and then they discontinued it- now I really wish I had bought it.

images via Remodelista, Skona Hom, Ikea