My style formula

The other day Nicole from Sketch42 invited some of us design bloggers to share in talking about our style formula's.  It took me a bit of thinking as I don't know that I have any "formula" or grand plan, I fall in love and throw it in the mix.  But after thinking for a bit it seems to all add up to this...........
 I start with a healthy amount of-
 And then add a ton of -
 A touch of this until it feels right-
 Throw in a handful of this-
Brighten with a smidge of-
 Way too much of this-
 And a dash of this-
 Always some of these-
But most importantly...............
Magnus Anesundpalett, Mia Linnman, Emma's Design


  1. Ooh, great formula! The chartreuse part made me laugh, because I almost always wind up w/ it in everything I do. I don't even notice, half of the time:)

  2. I seem to have the same problem with chartreuse, and silver as well, I don't seem to notice but my husband sure does.

  3. So much design sophistication in one brain and delicate joy in one heart. Wow! Love your website and blog Raina!