New Dormers

I'm sure you are all waiting for the exciting design stuff to happen.  One thing I have learned after years of renovations is that the boring important stuff takes forever and no one thinks anything much is happening, then one day you Sheetrock a few walls and everyone is impressed and excited.  

So after that great introduction- here's some more important but somewhat tedious updates.

In taking apart the house and doing some research we figured out that the house was originally a barn.  The second floor was probably a hay loft and was turned into a second floor later, thus the headroom was skimpy at best.  Coming up the stairs everyone had to duck in order to not clunk their head on the ceiling.  The bedrooms had a small amount of room in the middle that you could stand up in, and since you could not stand up in the tub a shower was out of the question.

We debated adding dormers as we didn't want to have them overwhelm the proportions of the house, but decided it was worth it for all that we would gain.  The dormers were framed last week and I am happy to report that they suit the house quite well, and importantly even our 
6' 8" contractor can stand upstairs with out hitting his head!  
So after that exciting news I am off to pick out roof shingles and look at bath tubs!