Seven Sisters star
This weekend was the Sinterklass festival here in Rhinebeck.  For weeks leading up to it we have been helping to make puppets, crowns and branches for the kids to hold in the parade.
All day Saturday the town was filled with circus performers, music, craft making, comedy and dancing.  It all led up to a glorious parade and show featuring fire eaters, Sinterklass on his horse, The puppets dancing, singing, music and storytelling, and Grumpus craziness.
The spectacle impresario of all of this magic and cheer is Jeanne Flemming who is also the magic behind the Halloween parade in NYC.
Jeanne lives on a magical estate here called Rokeby and together with many of the others who live there as well as the community surrounding help to put these amazing events.
Flying Sheep
Cloud Men
A few of the Wild Grumpus in a calm moment
Being apart of the preparations and then watching the event go by (we chose to watch instead of carry a puppet) , I can't imagine living anywhere else in the world.   
Father Winter
Fire Dancers
More Fire Dancing
Big Mama
Earth Turtle
Dove of Peace.