Alt - a crazy couple of days

ALT recap-
Proving that neither snow, sleet or ice will stop a design blogger from getting to ALT Summit I left Tues in an ice storm, after school being cancelled, my sitter not being able to come and missing my train.  Then I had the joy of waking up at 5 am to make my flight!  
The Plane Ride
1. Uneventful first leg of trip despite getting up at 5 am.
2. Delayed in Chicago for over 2 hours with no explanation.
3. Bumping people right and left.
4. As we are about to finally depart- woman declares she can't fly without her meds (and that American took them)
5. Another hour goes by while crew try's to find meds and negotiate with increasingly nutty woman and very cranky passengers.
6. American decides to remove woman from plane, woman refuses, passengers get really pissy.
7. Cops arrive. Cops negotiate nicely. Woman still refuses to leave plane. 
8. Cops decide to forcibly remove her from plane, passengers urge them on rather loudly.
9.  Cheering ensues.
10. Crew comes to clear woman's stuff -

1. Met a couple of great bloggers-  Cyd and Elizabeth, also going to ALT and had a good story in the end.
1. Flight took foreeeeever!
Alt Highlights
1. Roomed with the amazingly talented Crystal from Rue
Fab classes such as Social Media, Ethics and Etiquette,  Magazines; What's happenng Online and Off,  Faster, Better & Smarter Blogging  and Why You'll Love Affiliatte Relationships.
2. Getting to hear Swiss MIss and DJ Spooky speak
Getting to chat with Mondo- he is delic!
3. Meeting so many great bloggers in real life, such as Simply Grove, Modern Kiddo, Draw Pilgrim, Design for Mankind, Design Sponge and Design Milk.
4. The cool party's- especially Kate Spade  ( I really wanted to win the very fabulous typewriter bag!!!) and HGTV.
5. Thrifting tour with Liz- bought what I refer to as cool stuff I absolutely need, and the Mr. calls useless junk we don't need and don't have space for- you decide........
1. Hmmm- falling for DJ Spooky (along with half the room) and realizing I am already happily married
Getting Back Home
1. Been on the road so much lately and was so happy to see the Mr. and kids.
2. Lot's of cool ALT goodies.
1.  Flight was rather boring and uneventful after the one getting there and no fun ALT pals to dish with.
2. Post ALT exhaustion and let down after all the fun.
3. A huge pile of work to get back to.