Flea finds

Here are a couple of recent flea finds I have been meaning to share with you.  I recently spent a lovely morning at one of my favorite flea markets, the Brooklyn Flea.  So many of the flea's I shop are of the get up before the crack of dawn and be on the field at the first ray of light (sometimes before).  The Brooklyn Flea starts at a very civilized 10am.  Making for a relaxing Saturday morning, as well as not leaving me totally wiped for the rest of the day.  So the day began at Donut Plant for just about the best donuts in the world, a relaxed stroll and on to the flea with the Mr. and kiddies.  The other part of the Brooklyn Flea I adore is the food is so yummy.  Usually flea food is of the grease and junk variety, so lunch was spent at the flea as well and then a stroll around my fave haunts in Brooklyn.
and............... my now finds

Love theses candlesticks, they look great on my new steel coffee table and the kids love to rearrange them in different configurations.
New lamp for the Mr.s desk, after a new wiring it is perfect.
Enamel pots with teak holder.  The pot in the holder has a solid orange base.  The wooden holder can be switched between.