Gabriella Kiss

I have been a fan of Gabriella Kiss's jewelry for years now, so was quite delighted to find myself next to her in my early morning Pilates classes.  Recently on a snowy morning I took a lovely drive to her stunningly beautiful studio.  Gabriella's designs are often drawn from nature  and her studio is filled with many inspirational bits- feathers, shells, horns, coral, As well as pottery and art made by friends. 
Gabriella originally studied sculpture at Pratt and one can see how that background influences her work.  She worked with Ted Muehling for 8 years before striking out on her own.  Her work can be found at is shop in NYC as well as Chris Lehrecke Hudson (who also happens to be her very talented husband)  and Quadrum Gallery.
Gabriella works in oxidized bronze as well as silver and gold. 
The rings above feature pale yellow and blue sapphires and have the most delicate cameo's carved into them.
Dendritic quartz pendants hung on gold chains.
Among these lovely greens are Tourmaline, Green Garnet, Emerald, Jade and Vasonite.
 Hand pins inspired by the work of  artists Canova, Bronzino and Schiele.
Gabriella lives and works in the Hudson Valley and her studio is open by appointment only.  If you are in the area and would like an appointment email me and I will forward you her information.