Heading to ALT

"If you find a job you love you will never work again", Winston Churchill.

Don't you just love that quote, I feel that way about my work- true some days are craaazy, and not all shoots are easy or fun- but still I never tire of it and look forward to each new shoot.  Once I decided to stop designing clothing and switched to styling I have never looked back with the slightest hint of regret.  True I liked designing but as a full time gig it was never the perfect fit.
I would say that Scott Schulman brings that feeling to his work as does the amazing Bill Cunningham- who is the grandad of street photography for fashion.  I can't think of anything more validating stylistically then being shot by Cunningham.
Has anyone seen the documentary "Bill Cunningham, New York"?  The tickets sold out immediately when it played last year at the NY Film festival and I have been anxiously waiting for it's general release this March.  Meanwhile check out this short documentary on Schulman- It's quite interesting.

I'm heading to ALT Summit today-
I'm looking forward to finally meeting in person so many people I have been talking to on line for so long.  It should be a blast- people from all over are coming- Pilgrim Lee all the way from Australia, Alex of Modern Kiddo and Meg Mateo Llasco  of Anthology Magazine, Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove plus Paul Lowe of Sweet Paul and Grace from Design Sponge.  Also it will be fun to hang again with the Rue gang ( we are sharing a room) and Erica from Design Blahg and Susan From House of Brinson.
I can't wait to share the fun with you- so follow me on Twitter for updates during ALT, and next week I will post all about it.
Before I go I want to leave you with one last thought on blogging posted by my 10 year old daughter on her blog.

Blogging and Bordom

    Today at school I was using Power Point, I was kind of bored. Power Point helps me get out of boredom!!! And I just realized that I could blog!! So here I am blogging at school!!!!! I am still bored but, I am less bored blogging!!!!!!!! So for all the bored people, I have some advice for you, get a blog!!!! It is very easy to set up!!! All you have to do is type in some things, push some buttons and there you have a blog!!!!!!    

And one last quote-
"Nobody is bored when she is trying to make something that is beautiful or to discover something that is true",   W.R Inge.