New Years thoughts

Here along with some of my favorite images from the past year are a few thoughts for the new.....
Photographer Rachel Whiting
Lili Diallo's new book Details
Photographer Cris Court
I try to make it to Pilates twice a week, but could really use some aerobic exercise besides hefting props.  Since my dog really needs to get out for more long walks, it would be a great idea for both of us-even in the bitter cold-except I hate the bitter cold and we would both rather 
do this.
image John Gruen
This has been an insanely busy year, between work, crazy kids schedules and my dad's health issues- but somehow in all of that I really want to find more time to just stop and enjoy the moments.
image John Gruen
The new house we have been working on has been taking longer then we thought (don't they always) and I am looking forward to getting to the point where we can add the finishing touches so there is more of this -
and less of this.
You would think having a photographer dad that I would be a great photographer- I grew up feeling that was his thing so I never really took advantage of all that knowledge.  This year I would really like to improve my technical skills.
The Amazing Bill Cunningham
Travel- This year I would love to take the kids and husband and go someplace fab and new, perhaps Venice and up to Turin to visit old friends.  Or maybe Barcelona, or Sweden or......the list goes on.
An afternoon in Turkey
This year I've met and worked with some amazing new people, here's to spending more time with them.  And I am looking forward to ALT and finally meeting so many of the amazing bloggers I converse with in person.
 William and Susan Brinson from House Of Brinson
 Will Taylor from Bright Bazaar
The fab Rue gals
Photographer Tara Donne
Diana Vreeland and the 70's
What are your thoughts for the year??