A bit of West Elm love

Dear West Elm,
In the past I have told you how I love the styling in  your catalogs but not your products as much.
Well I am writing to tell you that all changed with the latest catalog to arrive on my snow covered steps.  Hey, guys you got it so right!  I am feeling the need to run right out and get these beautiful vase to add to my already overflowing pottery collection-
And not only do I want these prints by John-Paul Philippe but paint addict that I am, I am now feeling the desire to paint my walls this amazing blue! 
 (that's between you and I darling, please don't tell the Mr.)
I already have a chaise I love - but now I feel the need to cheat on my chaise with this stunning Windsor one.  Oh and can I have the artwork above it as well?
I'll be a good girl and keep my couch but add these watercolor pillows.
I don't want to appear needy but- If there is any way you could include this room- (I have been craving steel windows just like these for years),
and this little dining room as well- I would adore you for ever!!
XOXO, Raina