Eli Popp wallpaper

The other day these beautiful wallpaper images from Eli Popp appeared in my inbox.  I love wallpaper but being a serial re-decorator I have always been afraid to actually use it in my own home.  Case in point- we tiled our bathrooms when we first were remodeling the house.  At the time we were into a moodier more Moroccan feel and the tile reflects that feeling.  Well flash forward 10 years and the house is light and bright, and I am stuck with the old tiles.   I know I could change them, but we have sunk so much money into this house and I am enjoying finally living in a construction free zone.  I really wish we had gone for a neutral tile and brought in the colors with accessories and paint- things I have no qualms changing on a moments whim- much to the chagrin of my husband.
So anyway that's a long way of saying ......... I love and fear wallpaper, but if I was going to use it this black and white beauty below would look amazing in my bedroom!!