A few more things that caught my eye at the NY Gift Fair

  There is so much at the NY International Gift Fair that at a certain point one can go into design overdose.  Though not all of it is worth looking at, here are some more pieces that made me stop and take an extra look.
As if I need any more pottery, but yet these dot vases from  Xenia Taler are so cool.
 These amazing paper bowls from Gallery 91 can be turned inside out and shaped freely allowing the patterns to change.  Despite being made out of thin strips of paper they are quite strong and durable, yet retain an ethereal quality.
Change up your linens for spring to these lovely patterns in cotton and linen from Pehr Designs.
Along with pottery I have a sweet spot for stools and these coiled beech with fabric seats caught my eye at the Gift Fair.  They come in black, blue and red and along with the cardboard stool below are from Saikai and are available at Tortoise General Store.  I have been wanting to visit their store in Santa Monica for awhile- perhaps soon I will make it there. 

A few fun lights from Suck UK- I like the industrial quality of both of them, the one below feels like my dad's old light box - it allows you to insert your own photo's changing the quality of light as well as giving you a place to display pictures.  
And these made out of wood, remind me of construction lights, only way cooler.
I recently heard  Tina Roth Eisenberg of Swiss Miss speak at ALT as part of her lecture she spoke about her design background and coming from Switzerland.  She spoke about how  good design is such a part of life there and to illustrate her point she showed a slide of the garbage bags which had fabulous graphics on them.  Seeing these gold fish bags from Suck Uk reminded me of them and I just had to include them in my roundup.