A quick break from our regular programming

Today I am taking a quick detour to discuss something that is extremely important in the blog world and beyond- photo usage.  This is such an important topic for bloggers. I am on both ends of it as both a stylist, creating original content for my blog and clients as well as a blogger.  As blogging is relatively new and so many people blogging today have no previous experience a lot of confusion and problems have occurred.  Susan and William Brinson of House Of Brinson  wrote a great post discussing the subject on Design Sponge-definitely read it!
I recently discovered that the above picture that was styled by me, was floating around on Pinterest uncredited to either me or the photographer John Gruen.  Luckily when I contacted the person she right away fixed the credit- but we don't always see our work out there.
For a few more words on the topic check out Frolic as well.
Ok, now back to your regular design programming.