Ikea- Beloved Homes

I was in Ikea recently and flipped through their book " Beloved Homes".  Most of it was pretty ordinary Ikea filled homes, but a few stood out as particularly interesting.
The mix in this room is fab- old world details mixed with the Ghost chair and just a few Ikea pieces- the rug and vases.
 A few years ago we seriously debated buying a house near by.  The house was in pretty decrepit shape and didn't have particularly good bones to it.  But what really made me want to buy it was the large barn on the property.  I imagined a space similar to this one- where we could throw large sit down dinner party's...... some day perhaps we will have a space like that.
 a nice mix of vintage, lot's of white and a punch of color.
Those chairs again-love them in orange, and a great dish display. 
I love this detail- the owners let a rough broken opening as a way to display glassware and let light in.