Flea finds

Perhaps waking up in the dark at 5 am to drive an hour and wander a field full of antiques (and junk) is not every one's idea of of a fun Saturday morning, but.... after a few cups of tea- it's mine. 
I debated this ashtray for quite a while, candy dish perhaps- but in the end left it behind. I just couldn't get over the fact that it was an ashtray despite the amazing color and texture.
I fell head over heels for this vase- but it was quite a bit more then I wanted to spend, especially since I saw it after already filling the car.  But still I have such a soft spot for pottery of all kinds.
A whole booth blooming with beaded french flowers.
From there I headed to the Rhinebeck Antiques Show, definitely the other end of the spectrum in quality and price. 
I saw lot's of over sized glass vases definitely a trend right now, this shaped one was particularly beautiful.
So many textural pottery pieces to tempt me yet more.
I loved the colors and detail in this enamel piece.