Brizo and fashion week

Hi. I'm Chloe.
I live in Soho, and here's why:

My mother Sibelle (a performance artist in the 60's who made her claim to fame by speaking backwards while cuddling a picture of JFK and Jesus)  luckily inhabited one of the 'ok go ahead and live there' art studios/loft spaces in Soho in the 60's, now left to yours truly.  

She was best friends with Basquiat, frenemies with Warhol and got photographed not once but twice by Diane Arbus.  She recently ran off with her 'cab-driver-turned-Chompsky-memoirists' boyfriend to Indianapolis to experience how 'Real Americans' live.  

So now, this place is mine.  I'm 30, an aspiring fashion designer and jazz singer.  I pretend to love politics, drink a lot of manhatans and Rachmaninoff and Joni Mitchell are always on heavy rotation on my vintage record player.  

I'm friends with Chloe Sevigny and Maggie Gyllenhal, love the nostalgia of garbage pail kids and travel obsessively with my boyfriends to Greece and Istanbul.  

I'm romantic without being cheesy, indie without being pretentious and pretty without knowing it.  I wear Jason Wu and Lauren Moffatt.  And netflix tells me that my favorite movies are 'Taxi Driver' and 'Marie Antoinette'.  

I want a bathroom that makes me happy, yet calm. A bathroom that makes me think about my mom, how she lived here, who she lived with and the life that she lived.  

And I want a bathroom that makes everyone who comes in gasp while thinking, 'My god, New York is alive and this chick is the most interesting person in the city'.  And then 'dear lord, look at that amazing faucet'.  

But, you know, in an effortless way
So begins the story of 4 designers, some very cool faucets and Jason Wu.  
 I was recently invited to be part of Fashion Week and learn about faucets-how could I resist??
The trip started when the big black limo showed up at my abode and whisked me away, thus embarking an incredibly jam packed 3 days of fun, fashion and faucets- the big 3!
After a day of seeing some new exciting, super secret faucet designs... stay tuned!  and brainstorming new faucet ideas with the Brizo designers we were divided into teams and each team given a bathroom floor plan and a NYC neighborhood to be inspired by. We needed to create a mood board complete with swatches and an imaginary client by the next morning-easy -right?   No real client, no budget, no constrictions we only had to use Brizo faucets- that part was easy.
Then Team Vuelo as we were known were whisked away yet again by limo.
Our fabulous team, members Brandon, Dcoopsd, Emily, Style By Emily Henderson, and Julieann, Create Girl.  and I wandered the neighborhood, snapped pictures and dreamed up our client.  I have to say we had a bit of a leg up since as a child and later on my own I lived in Soho in it's earliest days as an artist enclave, though I have to give full credit for the delicious writing above to Emily.
Over cocktails at a sidewalk cafe we brainstormed- you know, in an effortless way....
So here's what we came up with.....our jumping off point was the ceiling, we decided that since Chloe's mom hung with the downtown art crowd that her friend Jean Michael Basquiet painted the ceiling of the bathroom with one of his signature graffiti paintings.  From there we pulled colors and objects that would work around it.  Chloe's mom left her lot's of fabulous objects including a mirrored screen which we used behind the bathtub and ran the Vesi faucet through.  She also left her an old trunk which we turned into the sink vanity.  Lately I have been lusting for one of Lindsey Aldelman's fantastic chandeliers so we added one. It's the perfect piece as it highlights the ceiling with out distracting from it.  Throw in a comfy chair and rug in which she can relax and watch movies projected outside on the brick wall across from her bathroom and it all adds up to an amazing dream space.
Stay tuned for part 2 in which we hit Fashion Night Out, attend Jason Wu's show and.....announce the winner!