House Update-somethings goin on round here...

This is how my weekend started out...
And although it ended with not the finished kitchen we had planned, we are definitely starting to see an end to the chaos and a home starting to form.
Our electrician disappeared several months ago nowhere to be found (along with carpenter #1)
so my husband and cousin spent 2 weekends trying to get all the lights and outlets working- not an easy task since the electrician's work left many weird dead ends and missing wires.
But ta da- we now have a fully functioning lit house.  As night fell and I stood outside looking in at my husband working in the lit kitchen all the many months of aggravation and delays seemed worth it.
The other big piece we worked on was getting the yard in some sort of shape, so in between putting cabinets together we burned all of the left over construction wood along with the brush from the fallen limbs we had thanks to Irene.
 Then bright and early Monday morning the excavator showed up to finish filling in the old well with left over concrete block we had and graded the lawn.
So looks like next weekend's plans will be planting the hedge and grass seed-ahh country life doesn't get much better then this- does it?